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  “Flamarabenco” was formed in Patras, Greece in 2011 with the idea to trace and join together the common roots and sounds of the Arabic and flamenco music genres. Its members Yiannis Panagiotopoulos (oud, lyra), George Barakos (percussion) and Andreas Kikinas (flamenco guitar), coming from different musical backgrounds, share a vision for combining diverse musical styles all influenced or inspired by Andalusian sounds. They blend traditional compositions from the East with flamenco elements and improvise on musical pieces of composers such as Tarik Banzi, Naseer Shamma, Anouar Brahem, Paco de Lucia, Gerardo Nuñez and many others... Flamarabenco have performed in various music stages around Greece and also have participated in festivals such as “Days of Percussion” 2012 and “Small Festival of Mediterranean Music” 2013.



Our CD



Our new album has been released since March of 2018, in digital and physical cd form.

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Special thanks to:


People that helped for “El viaje de los pájaros”

Recorded at ΔΙΗΧΟ studio of Makis Katis http://dihxo.gr/

Sound engineer and recording : Mimis Aggelopoulos

Audio Mixing and Mastering : Antonis Tzortzis (Exceptional Mastering) exceptionalmastering.com

Photography and video : Ioannis Dimitropoulos

Cover artwork, CD design and layout : Panagiotis Vasilatos https://www.pvasilatos.com/cv

Our website design and support: Vasiliki Chasapi


And of course the people who believed this album was real even before the recording:

Konstantinos Botinis, George Kaffezas, Alexandros Botinis, Ioannis Dimitropoulos, Rouli Kolokitha, Stavros Terpinas, Vasilis Stefanopoulos, Vassilis Pournias, Tilemachos Tsardakas, Georgios Mylonas, Alexandra Chasapi, Alexandros Parisis, Marianna Mpagiampou, Andreas Vasilas, Sibertin-Blanc Raphaël, Laura Francaviglia, Christos Anestopoulos, Irini Karathanasi, Nikos Kikinas, Chrisoula Kotrotsou, Maria Chasapi, Kostas Stefanopoulos , Stavroula Kordella, Panagiotopoulos Vasileios, Giannopoulou Alexandra, Nikolina Thomopoulou, Manolis Kaniadakis, Alexios Panagiotopoulos, Antonis Tzortzis, Vasiliki Chasapi











“Flamarabenco” is a journey through the roots of tradition given in a very modern perspective that merges the mysticism of the East with the “flame” of Flamenco and the aroma of the Mediterranean. Their inspiration source is the vast treasure of the musical traditions of these different cultures which allows for Flamenco’s main trait, improvisation...









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